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Cleaning for Construction in Grapevine, Dallas, and Fort Worth
Any business building or restoration project must be completed by meticulously cleaning every area, both inside and out. There is still a lot of work to be done after contractors have finished their last inspections, gathered their gear, and left the site. With decades of experience and numerous certifications under our belts, DLS Building Services is the knowledgeable and experienced local construction cleaning authority. We carefully dust, wipe, and refresh fixtures, surfaces, appliances, cabinetry, flooring, and more as we swiftly go through your property.

Every licensed technician we employ has undergone a rigorous selection process, bonding, and insurance. To maintain all accreditations current and your business compliant with state safety standards, special attention is given to safety training.

Cleanliness in Construction Services
When you work with respectable construction cleaning services, you can count on us to provide you with the timely, attentive scheduling and thorough cleaning you require. We are capable of providing any of the following new building cleaning services, tailoring each to meet your particular requirements:

  • Appliance cleaning

  • Baseboard and crown molding wipe downs

  • Bathroom sanitation

  • Carpet care

  • Cleaning cabinetry and drawers inside and out

  • Cleaning of lights and fixtures including chandeliers

  • Dust removal from all horizontal surfaces including blinds

  • Fireplace and water feature detailing

  • Hard surface care

  • High dusting

  • Kitchen disinfection

  • Parking lot cleanups

  • Recycling collection and removal

  • Streak-free window washing for interior and exterior, high, mid-level and low windows

  • Waste management and removal

  • Wiping down and removing marks from walls

We Are a Scrupulous Floor Cleaning Agency

Eliminate the ground-in drywall dust from the grout and carpets permanently. A coating of construction residue may even appear on newly installed flooring while other tasks are being finished. Achieve a sparkling clean while improving the air quality and lowering allergens—something that is simply impossible to achieve if you don't select a floor cleaning company with the appropriate technology.

Do You Have Any Plans to Clean Your Windows After New Construction?

Remember to take care of the windows! When the work is finished, the windows inside and exterior of your new building may get very dirty. In order to reach high and mid-level interior and exterior glass panes, sills, and casings, we possess the necessary safety certifications, lifts, and extension equipment. We can also clean freshly installed blinds and curtains if they have been impacted by drywall dust and other dirt!

Affordable Construction Debris Removal for All Types of Businesses

Our value-driven pricing fits your budget whether you're establishing a huge complex with several units or a smaller boutique business. We will learn about your particular requirements in order to create a comprehensive set of construction clean up measures that specifically address your goals.

The Value of Simplified Site Cleaning for Construction

Meet important deadlines faster with the right construction site cleaning partners. Here are some of the perks of working with us:

  • Reduces delays

  • Safety certified

  • Professional expertise produces perfect results

  • Insurance, bonding and licensing

  • Advanced cleaning equipment

  • Fast turnaround times

  • Garbage management and disposal

  • Reliable written quotes

Give us a call to request more information or to set up a meeting with our expert construction cleaning consultants. We provide free written quotes that you can count on to never contain hidden fees or surprises you are not expecting.

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